Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall TV Previews: Keri Russell/Will Arnett's 'Running Wilde'

On paper, this has a Sabrina-like premise: The daughter of a housekeeper who worked for an extremely wealthy family (until the housekeeper was fired) had a childhood crush on the rich son. But because Fox’s Running Wilde is created by folks affiliated with Arrested Development and stars Will Arnett, odds are that any potential love affair will be uniquely wacky.

Let’s hope that the wacky equals laughs.

Arnett plays Steve Wilde, the idiot rich son who attempts to “help” Keri Russell’s Emmy Kadubic, the housekeeper’s daughter -- who'd been helping a poor tribe in the Amazon where Steve dad wants to drill for oil -- by moving the entire tribe to California mansion. This left Emmy, a single mom, with no job since the people she’d been helping and whose culture she’d been studying now live in the United States.

“You have lorded having nothing over me since the day you found out I had everything,” Steve said to Emmy, accusing her of acting superior to him. When it’s revealed that Steve invited Emmy and her “mute” daughter to live in his Beverly Hills mansion, that’s where it’ll become all nutty and Arrested Development-like. I hope.

Running Wilde premieres on Sept. 21 at 9:30.

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