Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall TV Previews: Sookie St. James Gets Her Own Show with 'Mike & Molly'

. . . except she’s not Sookie the talented, uber-chef at the charming Connecticut jewel known as the Dragonfly Inn anymore, cracking wise with Dragonfly co-owner/best friend Lorelai Gilmore on the Gilmore Girls.

Sookie St. James has moved on, as has Lorelai Gilmore who’s now appearing under the name “Sarah Braverman” on Parenthood. Melissa “Sookie” McCarthy returns to TV this fall in the new CBS comedy, Mike & Molly. McCarthy plays Molly Flynn, a fourth grade teacher, who finds a potential love interest at a Chicago Overeaters Anonymous meeting in the form of police officer Mike Biggs.

I’ve always liked McCarthy. I just hope that Mike & Molly provides her with some funny/goofy material that will make me stop thinking of her as Sookie St. James. However the promos didn’t exactly have me rolling on the floor.

Mike & Molly premieres Monday, Sept. 20 at 9:30.

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