Friday, September 10, 2010

I Want to See 'The Town' Next Week, Who's With Me?

There are several reasons why I'm anxious to see The Town in the theaters when it opens next week:

1. It features the fabulous Jon Hamm of Mad Men.

2. It's set in Boston.

3. It has scenes from Fenway Park.

4. Its screenplay was co-written and directed by Ben Affleck.

5. Entertainment Weekly gave the movie an A- saying, "Affleck the actor, meanwhile, does his best work playing flawed characters, surrounded by strong colleagues."

The reviewer, Lisa Schwarzbaum also observed, "The Town is like . . . a rich, dark, pulpy mess of entanglements that fulfills all the requirements of the genre, and is told with an ease and gusto that make the pulp tasty. Mad Men's Jon Hamm is solid as a he-means-business FBI guy . . . The Town is the good work of a guy on a path of discovery, with Boston as the artist's own Freedom Trail."

6. A reviewer from Variety wrote: "The behind-the-camera talent Ben Affleck displayed so bracingly in Gone Baby Gone is confirmed, if not significantly advanced, in The Town. Again proving a fine director of actors (this time with himself in a starring role), Affleck delivers another potent, serious-minded slice of pulp set on Boston's meanest streets, where loyalty among thieves runs thicker than blood."

I'm sold, are you?


Cooley Horner said...

Me!!!!! I actually read the book over the long weekend, and the story is awesome. I hope they stick to the source material, but even if they don't, this cast could sell me on just about anything.

You should read the book before the movie if you can. It's a really easy read, and if you're like me, it's fun to compare the book to the film.

Meredith O'Brien said...

I love comparing the book to the movie.

I frequently get into this debate with my husband. He thinks that reading the book before seeing the movie ruins the movie for him because most of the time, the book's better, much richer in detail and context.

I, however, tend to read the book first then see the film because I come to the movie not searching for plot, but enjoying how the written word is depicted on screen. But that's just me.