Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Top 5 Current Films on My Want-to-See List

I haven't had any chunks of time available to run out to the theaters and catch any of the good flicks that are currently showing -- my family's Christmas tree has been standing naked in its stand in the family room since Sunday because we haven't had time to decorate it, and our outdoor lights aren't up yet -- but if I do find some time, here's what's on my want-to-see movie list right now:

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1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Can't believe I haven't seen this yet! I saw Half-Blood Prince opening weekend. I'd planned to go with my daughter, but at the last minute, she went and saw it with her friends, though she promises to accompany me when we get a spare three hours.

2. The Social Network. I know, I know, should've seen this some time ago as well. I blame all the youth hockey games. And youth soccer games. And now youth basketball.

3. Morning Glory. This got mixed reviews, but I could use some lighter fare, certainly to counterbalance the darkness of the Potter film.

4. Love & Other Drugs. This also got mixed reviews, but I love the director/co-screenwriter Ed Zwick -- the man behind thirtysomething and Once and Again -- and like Anne Hathaway, so I'm willing to risk it. Hope that's not a mistake.

5. Black Swan. Speaking of dark films . . . critics are buzzing positively about this Natalie Portman film and I want to see what the fuss is about, though I'm nearly certain there's no way The Spouse will accompany me to see this, especially if I tell him it's about a ballet dancer.

What current movies do you want to see?

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amy said...

I would LOVE to see Black Swan with you; ditto about my husband having zero interest. Also haven't seen Harry Potter yet but want to, 127 Hours, Today's Special, and Conviction. Would like to see Company Men when it comes out.

Kevin Koczwara said...

Because of Netflix I never get to go to the movies. My list is huge and overwhelming. But, with that said, "Black Swan" will be one I go see because it is Darren Aronofsky film. He has made some amazing movies, "The Fountain" being his big bust.

"True Grit" looks like a winner. I go and see every Coen Brothers movie.

The Spouse said...

I'll pass on the Black Swan, but am eagerly waiting to see The Company Men.

Adel.b said...