Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globes 2011 . . . Live Blogging

I'll be live blogging the Golden Globes tonight, rooting for all things Mad Men and Modern Family.

Please feel free to join in on the commentary and, if you're reading this AFTER the Globes have aired, I'd love for you to weigh in on the results.

I'm wondering how many times they'll have to bleep out Ricky Gervais' commentary . . .

UPDATE: Ricky Gervais had a glass of beer (or what is supposed to look like beer) waiting for him on the podium. Wonder if that'll be the standard for every person who arrives at the podium?

UPDATE: BRUTALLY going after The Tourist, Sheen, Cruise . . . Sex & the City 2 stars' ages. I'm waiting for them to throw tomatoes.

UPDATE: My son just asked, "Touched what?" I rolled my eyes.

UPDATE: A show of hands, who thinks that Gervais will NOT be asked back as host? (*hand raised*)

UPDATE: Christian Bale won for supporting actor in The Fighter. I was rooting for Jeremy Renner from The Town. But, to be honest, I haven't seen The Fighter.

UPDATE: Oooh, best actress in TV drama series . . . I wanted Margulies . . . but it's Katie Sagal for Sons of Anarchy . . . Can you say UP-set?! She was seated in Orange County, obviously she wasn't expected to win . . .  (Don't like how they cut her off! Better not be a trend for the evening.)

UPDATE: Best mini-series or TV movie. *yawn*

UPDATE: "He's a mean person," my daughter just said when Gervais appeared . . . Ashton Kutcher's dad?! Ouch!

UPDATE: Support actor in TV show/movie . . . Why do they combine movies and TV shows? They're completely different. It's kind of unfair. . . "Go Cameron," my 9-year-old said, hoping that Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family would win. But alas, Chris Colfer from Glee took it. Good for him.

UPDATE: For those of you keeping tabs at home, Mad Men and Modern Family have each gone 0-1. The Good Wife has gone 0-2. Gervais, on the other hand, has gone 47-0 against the Hollywood establishment.

UPDATE: The Hollywood Foreign Press guy slapped back at Gervais for his putting his "teeth back in" after the toilet. Wonder if anyone else'll start doing that?

UPDATE: Jon Hamm! Jon Hamm! Jon Hamm! Jon Hamm! Jon Hamm! Jon Hamm! And the winner of best actor in a TV drama (STACKED category) . . . is Jon Hamm . . what, wait? Huh? WHAT?!!

UPDATE: That's it! I'm going to be in a snit the rest of the night. After Hamm's work in "The Suitcase" with Elisabeth Moss I can't see how anyone with any sense would vote for anyone other than Hamm. Boo hiss.

UPDATE: If Mad Men doesn't win . . . ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!

UPDATE: Maybe Gervais was right about that bribe thing.

UPDATE: I'm still stunned. I'm going to pout for the rest of the evening on behalf of Elisabeth Moss, Jon Hamm and Mad Men. I watched the pilot for Boardwalk Empire and was unimpressed but decided I'd eventually watch it . . . at some point. After watching Mad Men's pilot several years ago, I was immediately smitten.

UPDATE: Maybe I should start a hashtag on Twitter #MadMenwasrobbed . . .

UPDATE: That reminds me, I'm still waiting for The Social Network to arrive via Netflix, but it's not slated to arrive 'til February! I may have to bypass Netflix for this film and order it On Demand.

UPDATE: Have now moved into the family room with the dejected Spouse and Eldest Boy (saddened by Patriots' loss) and can now watch this dreadful awards show on the big, flat-screen TV. Still angry.

UPDATE: How sad is this: I've seen three of the five films nominated in the animated feature film category, more than any other film category. Must mean I'm a mom with young kiddos. . . Toy Story 3, the tear-jerker it is won. It was sweet and funny. I enjoyed it, as did the children whom I took to see it.

UPDATE: My more darker-edged son said he likes the job Gervais is doing. My upbeat daughter, however, does NOT like him. Not one bit. . . I think he's unbelievably button-pushing. That crack about the Betty Ford clinic before Robert Downey Jr. coming onto the stage . . . that was a low blow.

UPDATE: Robert Downey Jr. presenting the best actress in comedy film was funnier than Gervais has been all night. That's how you do edgy without being mean . . . The winner . . . Annette Bening from The Kids are All Right . . . the first win I actually agree with. I loved Bening in that movie, the dinner scene where she sang Joni Mitchell . . . killer.

UPDATE: Yes, I'm still in a snit. . . and let me be the first to say that I don't like Troy Bolton's hair.

UPDATE: Gervais took full credit the success of "the ungrateful" Steve Carell who playfully straight-armed him . . . love that Tina Gey and Carell are giving out the awards to them writer folk. Love them writer folk. My people! Am pleased that Aaron Sorkin won for The Social Network, even though I haven't seen it yet. Must be my love for Sorkin TV fare, like The West Wing and Sports Night, rearing its head.

UPDATE: Guess what, Modern Family is 0-2. Mad Men is still 0-3. The Good Wife is 0-3. However I loved that Jane Lynch gave props to the "deranged" Glee writer.

UPDATE: Every time I see Gervais, I expect that he's going to say something horrific . . .

UPDATE: Best actress in TV comedy . . . I expected the award to go to Laura Linney from The Big C, who had a tough role to play funny, a woman dying of cancer. And, on a second account, the Golden Globe clueless crew got it right. (Yes, still steamed about the Mad Men thing and the Modern Family shutout.)

UPDATE: Best actor in TV comedy . . . I think this was a tough category and I was not surprised that The Big Bang Theory dude won. He won the Emmy for his role in the fall. One of my cloest friends has been trying to get me to watch this show. For some reason, I've just never tuned in. I'm just feeling numb while watching this as have lost that Golden Globes enthusiasm in the wake of my favorites getting shut-out.

UPDATE: Best supporting actress in movie . . . Melissa Leo, former Homicide actress, won for The Fighter, 'bout a Lowell (Mass.) boxer.

UPDATE: Oh no, an honorary award. I hate THESE. They go on for freakin' evah . . . Maybe I'll take this time to review in my head the greatest moments of Mad Men's fourth season . . . but Matt Damon's Robert DeNiro impression is pretty funny.

UPDATE: DeNiro seemed like he was doing a weird, anti-establishment stand up routine. This was the weirdest lifetime achievement award speech I've witnessed. It only added to this odd, awkward vibe which seems to be permeating the whole show. I can't put my finger on it, but from the beginning of Gervais' stinging, anti-Hollywood intro, something about it has been uneven and off-kilter.

UPDATE: David Fincher, The Social Network director won. And Mark Zuckerberg wept, strategizing whether he should

UPDATE: Best TV comedy . . . Boardwalk Empire . . . No, just kidding. It's Mad Men. No sillies, that's a drama that everyone loves except the Golden Globe voters . . . Wait, it's Glee?!! Come on people! They've won what, every freakin' award and Modern Family won NADA?! What is the world coming to?

UPDATE: Best actor in a comedic film . . . John Adams, er, I mean Paul Giamatti for Barney's Version. (Is that even a movie? Never heard of it.) Either way, I'm quickly losing my steam for this broadcast, but Giamatti's ode to Godiva chocolates,and Canada and Halle Berry were slightly amusing. . . This is the first time I've ever considered going to bed early during an awards show and I'm an awards show kinda gal. I'm disappointed and thoroughly unentertained.

UPDATE: On the other hand, I'm amused that people on Twitter are trying to start a trending topic #FreeGervais and are wildly speculating on whether he's been fired halfway through the show.

UPDATE: Pregnant Natalie Portman won best actress in drama for her ballet dancer turn in Black Swan. . . . 'Twas sweet of her to give props to her parents and grandma and her baby daddy, in a weird way.

UPDATE: Can someone please explain to me how The Tourist is a comedy? . . . Fantastic that The Kids are All Right won, considering it's the only movie in that category that I saw. If you haven't seen this movie, you should.

UPDATE: Is Ricky Gervais TRYING to make himself unemployable, at least as an awards ceremony host ever again? I've usually cottoned to his seat-of-the-pants/Bucky Gunts humor. Not tonight though.

UPDATE: Colin Firth is so classy and clever. Haven't seen The King's Speech. Not sure that I'm going to. Still feeling burned by The Queen, for which I had high hopes but then despised.

UPDATE: Finally, the final award presented by Michael Douglas, fresh from cancer treatment. "There's got to be an easier way to get a standing ovation," he said wryly. Best dramatic film, as determined by the Golden Globes' clueless crew went to The Social Network. That's it folks, I'm outta here a disgruntled viewer who didn't like this broadcast and was dissatisfied with most of the TV selections. Hopefully Big Love's season premiere, which I'll watch on my DVR tomorrow, will be more entertaining.

PLEASE, chime in with your thoughts and feedback about the show, the winners, etc.
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Cooley Horner said...

-I loved "The King's Speech," and while I liked "The Queen," I enjoyed "Speech" a lot more. It's more accessible and fun, and Firth and Rush's chemistry is a real treat. I highly recommend it.

-I wasn't a fan of Gervais' style. I know that's what they were going for--they liked his boozy and brutally honest style last year, and he's been saying for weeks that that was what he'd deliver. It was just very mean spirited. I felt downright sorry for Robert Downey Jr. and Bruce Willis, not to mention that line about Sandra Bullock hating poor people when she's currently living/volunteering in New Orleans.

-The Globes always mess up the TV categories. They either go for trendy (i.e. all of Glee's awards, including an undeserving win for Comedy Series--season 2 is NOT that good, and I say that as a fan) or gutsy/out-there (i.e. Katy Segal). I knew either "Boardwalk" or "Walking Dead" would take Best Drama for new novelty factor, but I was really sad to see Jon Hamm lose. Still, I think he'll nab the Emmy, which is really the big prize in the end, anyways.

-Wondering how it will go when it comes down to Bening vs. Portman at the Oscars. I saw--and enjoyed--both of their movies, but I give Portman the edge, though Bening has had multiple nominations with no wins, so that might tip the scales...