Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Notes on Pop Culture: 'Nurse Jackie' S3 Teaser, Tumultuous 'Parenthood' & 'Good Wife' + Family Politics

Nurse Jackie Season 3 Teaser

After last year’s sharp season, Edie Falco’s Nurse Jackie returns for a third on March 28 and I can not wait.

When last we left the acid-tongued Jackie, she'd been caught by her husband and best friend lying about her drug habit. The season three promo promises that she’ll have to deal not only with the fall-out from that confrontation, but from the fact that no one at the hospital knew she was married because she kept it secret, for whatever crazy reason.

Tumultuous Parenthood

While Adam and Kristina Braverman were finally able to put their angst to the side (for the time being) as their daughter returned home, two other families were having a pretty rough go of it during the latest Parenthood episode, which I reviewed here.

From Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham) flipping out because her ex-husband is in town, to Crosby Braverman not at all liking the fact that his fiancé is bossing him around, there was plenty of angst in which the younger Braverman siblings could marinate.

Good Wife + Family Politics

The Good Wife has been doing a stupendous job depicting the impact of a political campaign on families, what with Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) having to stop the distribution of a flier asserting that her teenage son impregnated a girl and then the girl got an abortion (it wasn't true), to her teen daughter being stalked by a rival campaign and tricked into saying things to be used against her candidate dad in a YouTube video.

My pop culture column this week centers on how some of the things we see playing out for the Florrick family on The Good Wife aren’t that far-fetched when it comes to the children of real politicians.

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