Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Notes on Pop Culture & Politics: Stewart Questions Libyan Intervention, Liz Taylor's Best Films & New 'Mad Men' Season Delayed

Jon Stewart Takes on U.S. Action in Libya

After taking a week’s break from broadcasting, Jon Stewart stormed back to The Daily Show this week and quipped incredulously, “When we left [the air] the world’s two biggest trouble spots were Wisconsin and the set of Two and a Half Men.

Not only did he question why, when we’re already engaged in two wars, we’ve now added a third skirmish to our slate of military responsibilities, Stewart asked, “Aren’t we also out of money? . . . You can’t simultaneously fire teachers and Tomahawk missiles.” Wonder what's going to have to be cut from the federal budget in order to fund the United States' role in enforcing the Libyan No Fly Zone? Or how much taxes will have to be raised.

Another interesting question which I heard on Morning Joe yesterday: If the United States is going to act as though we're the world's police force, why are we only selectively walking the beat? A commentator asked why the United States is getting militarily involved in Libya on behalf of protecting innocent civilians who want to live freely but didn't with Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Yemen, etc.?

Image credit: Boston Globe

What Were Liz Taylor’s Best Films?

Learning that Elizabeth Taylor has died of congestive heart failure and seeing those photos of her in her heyday cropping up on sites all over the web, when she was – get ready for this cliché which you’re going to hear a bazillion times over the course of the week – “the Angelina Jolie of her day,” has sparked my desire to watch a few Taylor flicks. But which ones?

Calling Liz Taylor aficionados: Which were her best films? Which ones would you recommend that I see?

New Mad Men Season to be Delayed

Seriously people? I mean really . . . how long do you expect Mad Men fans to patiently wait and drum our fingers atop our desks while the folks at AMC, Lionsgate and show creator/runner Matt Weiner debate the terms of the award winning show’s return?

Mad Men’s very first episode aired in early July 2007, I remember seeing its premiere because I was on vacation at Cape Cod the time and stumbled upon an ad for it while watching The Godfather on AMC and decided to give it a try.

Now, according to an article in today’s New York Times, we learned that the show may not return to liven up the vast wasteland that typically is summer TV. We may have to wait until 2012:

“In the meantime Mad Men actors like John Slattery, who plays Roger Sterling, are in a bind, expecting that they will be called back to work but unsure when that call will come. While walking the red carpet at a premiere of his new film, The Adjustment Bureau, last month, Mr. Slattery remarked to reporters, ‘I’m looking for a job.’”

Image credits: Boston Globe, AMC.

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Giuliana Lonigro said...

I liked "Butterfly 8". I was surprised by her performance in this film.