Thursday, April 14, 2011

Loving the F Word & 'Modern Family's' Tricked Out Minivan

I didn’t realize how much I’d missed Modern Family until I watched the new episode last night. Ever since, I’ve periodically chuckled aloud to myself whenever these two sentences crossed my mind:

“I can’t be satisfied.”

“We love the word.”

I marveled at how the disturbed creative genius(es) got from the notion of Phil promoting his real estate business by shrink-wrapping the Dunphy family minivan (which Claire drives) with an image of the family . . . to Phil appearing as though he was a pimping out Claire and Haley. Phil’s confused conversation with the sicko who called his cell phone number – the number listed on the side of the minivan – who asked for “both of them,” and Phil replying by saying he’d scrub them both up was just classic Dunphy.

And while the over-the-top school play/musical has been done countless times on TV, Modern Family put its own unique twist on it with Luke hovering over the stage and feeling his heartbeat in his eyeballs and the unfortunate “We love the F word” meta-statement on the stage.

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