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Notes on Pop Culture: '24' Movie, 'Mildred Pierce,' 'Deathly Hallows 1' DVD & Lindelof on 'House'/'House' Done?

Fox/Entertainment Weekly
24 Movie for 2012?

Chloe O’Brian may be patching Jack Bauer through yet again, according to news reports. Entertainment Weekly says that there’ll be a Jack Attack on the silver screen in 2012.

Sutherland – who recently started tweeting under @RealKiefer -- has said publicly that he’s game to jump back into scowling Jack "Dammit!" mode.

Mary Lynn Rajskub who plays Chloe, tweeted on April 10, under the handle @rajskub, “I have not heard anything about the 24 movie.”

Then that was followed up with this tweet:

":) xoxoxo RT @CarlosBernard_P: @RealBrianGrazer That's very good news. Hope you call Carlos Bernard and @rajskub also for the 24 movie."

Mildred Pierce = Doormat

I’ve watched the first three of the five parts of the Kate Winslet mini-series Mildred Pierce on HBO (the other two parts are sitting on my DVR), but that trio of episodes gave me plenty of material for my latest pop culture column about how the mini-series was turning out differently than I anticipated, particularly when the lead character put up with wretched treatment from her spoiled brat of an odiously haughty daughter and even rewarded the kid for acting like a selfish twit:

“I went into this Depression era dramatic series with the expectation that I’d be watching and rooting for a plucky mother of two who’d been left by her cheating husband, scratch her way to make a living to support her family in a time when there weren’t many jobs for anyone, never mind for soon-to-be-divorced thirtysomething women with children.

. . . [I]t’s almost as if Mildred Pierce is a kind of stealth, perhaps unintended allegory that’s relevant to today’s generation of helicopter parents, those who are hovering and doting on their offspring, getting their children whatever the little darlings want . . . even when the children’s behavior doesn’t warrant a reward.”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1: DVD Out Friday

When part one of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out in theaters last year, I fully intended to see it in the movie theaters. Then a whole bunch of things conspired to get in my way and prevent me from doing so. Therefore, I’ve been unreasonably excited for the DVD release of the film on April 15.

My oldest son and I have plans to watch it this weekend together. (My daughter already saw it in the theaters with The Spouse last year, and my youngest son’s a bit too young for this film, plus we’ve only gotten to the beginning of book six in our Harry Potter Reading Out Loud Project, so I don’t want to spoil the surprises which lie in store for him.)

 Lindelof on House/Should House be Canceled?

While watching a pretty predictable episode of House this week -- I called that Thirteen had been incarcerated for doing something noble and not wantonly violent as soon as we learned she had a brother – I was mildly amused by the scene where Thirteen asked House to stop at a home and remain in the car while she proceeded to kick the guy who answered the door in the groin. As it turns out, that guy was Damon Lindelof, one of the guys who created and ran Lost.

Lindelof had been tweeting on Twitter -- @DamonLindelof -- that he had something in the works. Then he retweeted the photo you see to the right.

Speaking of House, New York Magazine had an intriguing piece suggesting that House has run its course and should be euthanized . . . kind of like Thirteen's brother. Writer Margaret Lyons gave five solid reasons including:

-- The fact that Greg House doesn’t change no matter what happens

-- The show doesn’t “hold onto a good story.” (I’d forgotten all about Kutner’s suicide, as have all the characters it seems.)

-- “House will never meet his match.”

-- Since the actor who plays Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) reportedly doesn’t want to continue beyond this season, and, Lyons said, “[T]here’s no show without Wilson.”

-- “The show is out of juice.”

What say you House fans?

Image credits: Fox/Entertainment Weekly, Amazon, Tweeted by @DamonLindelof

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