Thursday, May 5, 2011

Notes on Pop Culture: Tina Fey Hosts 'SNL' & Jon Hamm's Adventure with a Weird Blue Puppet

The awesome Tina Fey, proudly showing off her baby bump, will be hosting this weekend's installment of Saturday Night Live. On this Mother's Day weekend (why is it now considered a weekend-long celebration?), I'm looking forward to Fey making all manner of inappropriate jokes about being in her "delicate" state, as she did in the promos above.

In the meantime, Fey's former 30 Rock fictional flame, Jon Hamm, has a weird video on the web site Funny or Die where he picks up a hitchhiking fuzzy blue dude and takes him on an adventure, where neither of them wear seatbelts in the white convertible, what a safety scandal (!!). Then the duo goes clubbing and Hamm puts the blue guy on his shoulders so he can see the band that was playing. All in all, a really weird video.

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Anonymous said...

Tina Fey is my favorite actress. She did a good job in 30 Rock TV Show. And I like this post too.