Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Notes on Pop Culture: Harry Potter on ‘Daily Show,’ Coach Taylor’s Speechifying, ‘Julie & Julia’ Inspiring & ‘The Mentalist’s’ Freshman Season

Daniel Radcliffe & Jon Stewart

How cute-as-a-button was Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) on The Daily Show? Love how modest his is. (Amy Poehler lives in his building and he was adorable when he talked about her.) I hope his post-Potter career flourishes.

NY Magazine: The Best of Coach Taylor’s Inspiring Speeches

I’m really gonna miss Coach Taylor. Aren’t y'all?

Julie & Julia Still Inspires

The other night while flipping through the TV stations, I came across the movie Julie & Julia and decided to watch it again with my two sons (selectively muting the volume when I remembered that a cuss word was coming up or for one part of the film where Julia Child’s sex life was discussed by blogger Julie Powell). The film provided me with inspiration all over again, even on this third viewing. (I've also read both Powell’s book and Child’s memoir about her time in Paris.)

For Julia Child to create for herself a culinary and TV career from scratch in her late 30s and 40s, and to be doggedly persistent about it over a series of years, in the face of numerous obstacles and rejections, gives you hope, or at least it gives me hope for my quest to get my freshly completed manuscript published. It was sweet when my boys recognized this and said, “That’ll be you Mom!” when Julia Child, at long last, finally received that letter saying a publisher who wanted to publish her book.

The Mentalist Freshman Season

This past winter my eldest son and I happened upon The Mentalist one night when just he and I were home and we decided to give the show with the weird name a whirl. Turns out, we liked that quirky, suave fellow, Patrick Jane, and decided to give another Mentalist episode a try the following week. And we were hooked on the solved-in-an-hour drama.

After its extraordinarily tense season finale in May featuring the illusive Red John, I told my son that this summer, we’d go back to the beginning and learn Patrick’s backstory and how this Red John tale unfolded. The season one DVD has arrived, and the kid is now itchin’ to break into it. Patience, grasshopper.

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Cooley Horner said...

Radcliffe was adorable on "The Daily Show." I really hope his career flourishes post-Potter, as he's very talented and charming.

About to listen to all those Coach Taylor speeches. I'm still bummed that show is over... :(