Thursday, August 25, 2011

Now That's More Like It; A 'Grey's' Trailer with Some Substance

Meredith Grey’s really fired? Seriously? By Richard, of all people? Well that’ll put things in a new perspective, won’t it? Does this mean Meredith will find work at another hospital? Become an at-home mom?

I’m hopeful that Derek will not continue to punish her and keep her at arm’s length, even though she did jeopardize his clinical trial which he hoped would help him find a cure to the disease he fears she may have inherited. Meredith was leading with her heart, trying to help Adele, something she’d hope Derek would do for her. From her perspective, she couldn’t save her own mother, but she could try to do something for someone else about whom she cared. But Derek can be such a sanctimonious jerk that I wouldn’t be surprised if he walks away, even though they did just get married and adopt a child together.

As for the blow-back for Alex, I hope it’s harsh and nasty. Despite all the good his character has done over the years and how much he’s been emotionally battered by life, that doesn’t justify turning on Meredith and sabotaging her. She wasn’t doing something to promote herself or help herself in a selfish way. No one would have died because of what she did. It was unnecessary.

What do you hope happens in the season eight Grey’s Anatomy premiere?

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