Monday, August 1, 2011

Okay 'Boardwalk Empire' Fans, Sell Me on This Show

Since there's not much new TV on in the summer, I've been toying with the idea of partaking in a TV show marathon, catching up/starting a new TV program, in between watching Red Sox games.

One series that has intrigued me is the period drama, Boardwalk Empire on HBO, set in Atlantic City at the beginning of Prohibition. Problem is, after watching the pilot episode last year, I thought it was a huge yawner. (Maybe it's that I couldn't quite warm up to Steve Buscemi.) Couldn't get into it, and I'm a sucker for period TV (Mad Men being the chief example).

And yet . . .

Boardwalk Empire has been lavished with critical praise and Emmy awards nomination love, so I'm wondering if I've not given it enough of a chance. So I ask you, Boardwalk Empire fans, why should I invest my pop culture time in this show? Is it worth it?

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