Thursday, December 1, 2011

Huntsman Daughters At It Again, Bringing Huntsman ‘Back’ with Timberlake Tune

Who knew that GOP hopeful Jon Huntsman’s three daughters – Liddy, Abby and Mary Anne -- had decent voices? In their continuing campaign to promote their dear old dad as a solid potential commander-in-chief, the trio of Huntsman daughters have released an unofficial campaign song on YouTube set to the tune of Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack.


Among their lyrics:

“We’re bringing Huntsman back. The rest of them is one big circus act.”

“Herman Cain, we like your pizza but you can’t explain how 9-9-9 will get us back in shape so pass the pizza and we won’t complain.”

“Jon Huntsman, the real job creator.”

“The governor who stands for sanity.”

Late today, The Washington Post reported that an “advisor” to the former Utah governor's campaign isn’t impressed with the daughters’ video or Twitter feed (@Jon2012girls) and now considers them as having “gone rogue.” The Post quoted an unnamed aide as saying: “The girls were asked by a number of campaign officials to not release the video. The campaign was not informed of the release of the video. The video does not have a disclaimer and is not a campaign product.”

They need to seriously chill out. They’re his daughters doing what people their age do: Put stuff on YouTube. They’re enthusiastic about their father and, barring them doing, wearing or saying something highly inappropriate -- which they haven't done -- I don’t think that this video, and the one they did spoofing Herman Cain’s weird smoking ad, is doing Huntsman any harm. At this point, they’re getting more attention than their dad. And he could sure use the press.

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