Monday, January 23, 2012

‘Modern Family’ to the Rescue: Delivering Laughs, Irreverence

Take one part political debate, one part farce and one part auto-tuned, viral YouTube video and what do you get? The really funny latest episode of Modern Family, “Little Bo Bleep.” I really needed to laugh out loud and this new episode delivered.

Remember a year ago during the ill-fated Valentine’s Day hook-up Phil and Claire tried to arrange at a nearby hotel? They were going to meet in a hotel room but Phil went into the wrong one, stripped down to his birthday suit and was discovered in a stranger’s hotel room and later was questioned by police. That incident came back to haunt Claire as the straight-laced mom of three saw her campaign for town council potentially derailed by the antics of naked Phil. And Claire was already worried about a new poll where voters said she was “unlikable,” hence her home debate prep with the Dunphy clan.

If you haven’t yet seen the episode, which also features a storyline about toddler Lily’s sudden affection for the F-word, do yourself a favor and watch. It’s available online for free.

Best line of the episode: "I am Phil Dunphy and I am not a pervert."

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