Thursday, March 22, 2012

News Flash: There Are Mean People on Twitter, Especially If You're a Celeb

Though I personally have only been called some version of an idiot and a moron a handful of times on Twitter (yes, I know I'm jinxing myself), if you're a celebrity who dares to wade into the social media pool, it's sage advice to don some protective gear because the water can get really choppy.

Jimmy Kimmel called on some big name celebs who've been directly trashed on Twitter and asked them to read some of the mean Tweets that they'd received aloud. Will Ferrell poetically opted to read them while sitting on the can.

The result is a funny video which reminded me of Tina Fey who, after winning a Golden Globe award for best comedic actress, called out some of the folks on the internet who'd been nasty to her. Loved that speech.

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