Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Embracing Your Inner Peep with the Washington Post's 'Peep Show'

Many, many moons ago -- well before e-mail or the internet -- two of my good friends couldn't wait to tell my husband and me about their hilarious adventures putting yellow, marshmallow Peeps into the microwave oven as the confections become comically contorted.

Now, a lifetime later, Peep pop art has become a creative endeavor. Instead of just being content with its status as a super-sugary, Easter time treat which happens to be fun to watch morph in the microwave, it's now at the center of a Peep diorama contest, the sixth held by the Washington Post, called the Peep Show. The news organization solicited photos of Peeps in various dioramas and many of the submissions were pretty amusing.

I first became aware of the Peeps-as-an-artistic-medium when I saw photos on BuzzFeed. In honor of Easter weekend, I thought I'd share some of this frothy Peep goodness with you all.

Occupy Peeps

Royal Wedding Peeps

Adele's Rolling in the Peeps


'Homeland' Peeps

'Downton Abbey' Peeps

Romney Family Vacation Peeps

Republican Debate Peeps

Not sure if I'm going to share these images with my kids. The last thing I want to be doing is cleaning up after the gritty, sugary, sticky Peep guts from around my house.

Image credits: BuzzFeed and Washington Post.

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