Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Notes on Pop Culture: Hillz Yeah!, Plus Trailers for 'Veep' & 'The Newsroom'

Hillary Clinton's Got Game

I first saw it last week, the internet meme based on a single photo of Hillary Clinton on a government plane, using her cell phone while wearing sunglasses. The meme was given a simple name, "Texts from Hillary" where people imagined what our Secretary of State would've texted to the likes of President Obama, Vice President Biden, Mitt Romney, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, actor Ryan Gosling and comedian Jon Stewart.

This week, Madam Secretary responded to the internet sensation with a genuine message of her own: "Thanks for the many LOLZ. Hillary 'Hillz.'"

Oh yes. She did.

Her reply was the subject of a Maureen Dowd column in the New York Times about how Clinton has gone from being a member of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit crowd, to radiating cool.

HBO's 'Veep' Trailers

Speaking of politicians . . . have you seen the trailers for HBO's upcoming comedy Veep starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus?
Louis-Dreyfus' Vice President Selina Meyer reminds me of some kind of weird blend of Parks & Recreation's Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler, without the wide-eyed naivete), Tina Fey's version of Sarah Palin and Louis-Dreyfus's recent character, Christine Campbell (from The New Adventures of Old Christine), with a dash of the intelligent irreverence of Showtime's Episodes thrown in. Can't wait.

'The Newsroom' Trailer

Also promising, the promo for HBO's new show The Newsroom, which premieres on June 24, from the mind that brought you The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin.

Looks fabulous. Hope it does not disappoint.

Image credits: Texts from Hillary.

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