Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Breaking Dawn Trailer: Don’t Mess with This Vampire Mom

I finally got around to watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 over the weekend with my two older kids, one of whom fled the room during the graphic birth scene. There was also a chorus of "Ewwws!" and "Yucks!" when Bella and Edward consummated their marriage.

The fourth installment of the Twilight series felt stilted, as many Twilight films do (though I do have a soft spot for the first one), whereas the book series is simply a fun, frothy read to breeze through. Breaking Dawn Part 1 was about Bella and Edward's wedding and then what happens when a vampire and a human reproduce and the human mother is literally attacked from the inside by her rapidly growing, blood-craving fetus.

However Breaking Dawn Part 2 will likely have an altogether different feel. Instead of wedding dresses and romance, there will be Bella the "Bad Ass," as Entertainment Weekly called her. Now that she's an all-powerful, sparkly vampire, and has a vulnerable kid to protect, she's fiercer than any Ivy League-educated Tiger mom pushing her kid to play the violin for 40 hours without a break. No victim, she.

Plus, the film -- slated for a Nov. 16 release -- centers around the Volturi (a band of enforcers for the vampire world, kind of like a blood sucking Cosa Nostra), declaring that Edward and Bella's child Renesmee (a character with the worst name in history) is an abomination and must be destroyed. Cue the Cullens and the now-besotted Jacob and his pack of werewolves to build more alliances than Survivor contestants in order to face off against the black-hooded Volturi.

Forget the romance in the field of wild flowers that dominated the first two films. This one'll be all brute vampiric force, Edward and Jacob burying their their feud over Bella's affections and one angry, red-eyed mama bearing her fangs.

This week's edition of Entertainment Weekly has interviews with the film's cast, including amusing quotes from Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner about Jacob "imprinting" on infant Renesme and why it's not as creepy as it sounds. (Though it really is creepy.)

Image credit: EW.

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