Thursday, April 26, 2007

Can I Somehow Blame Pete Rose For This?

Jonah, 8, was playing T-ball in the backyard the other day with his brother Casey, 5. The kindergartener insisted that he be up first while his big brother did the fielding.

Their plan worked out just fine.

Until it was Jonah’s turn at bat.

That’s when I saw Casey bolt into the house, race to his room and then head back outside with a fistful of coins (23 cents to be exact, though he thought he had a dollar’s worth of change in his hand).

“Where are you going with that?” I asked as I grabbed Casey by the elbow.

He stood there. Face blank. Didn’t respond.

“Jonah!” I called outside to the eldest. “What’s going on?”

At that point, Jonah told me that, in lieu of fielding Jonah’s massive, booming hits across the yard, Casey had instead offered to pay his brother a dollar.

I’d say it’s going to be an interesting Little League interesting season.

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