Monday, April 23, 2007

Desperate Housewives: The Power Episode

“It’s just not us,” so said Tom Scavo to his wife Lynette (who gave up her high-powered advertising executive post to join him in starting a family pizzeria) when she made suggestions to broaden the menu. Since Tom was injured two episodes ago, Lynette has been trying to find ways to make their three-month-old restaurant turn a profit. However Tom, who’s out of commission for at least six months, has been suffocating Lynette, stymieing her attempts particularly after she hired a chef who wanted to punch up the menu options with classic dishes that, not so coincidentally, would punch up the profits as well.

Tom wanted none of this and forbade Lynette from selling risotto and pumpkin ravioli alongside pizza pies, saying this was “the end of the discussion.” Lynette, however, ignored him. Not only did the restaurant’s bottom line improve, but the local newspaper gave the restaurant a rave review for moving from “mundane” to “exquisite.”

“Power, it’s the type of thing most people don’t think about until it’s taken away,” Mary Alice’s voice-over intoned at the end of the show. What does all of this mean for Lynette and Tom? That he has no power, and she has it all? Does that mean that when he was in charge she had none? I guess, like a Rorschach test, it means whatever you want it to mean.

In other “Housewives” developments:
  • Gabby Solis rescued her man’s mayoral campaign from a potential sex scandal.
  • Carlos Solis, while still getting’ cozy with Edie Britt, pined away for Gabby.
  • Susan Mayer finally grew a spine and told the sniveling British dude that their wedding is off.
  • Police learned that the Scavos’ chief babysitter, Mrs. McCluskey, kept her dead husband in a freezer in the basement. Isn’t McCluskey the same character who ran the pedophile off the street for keeping pictures of little boys in swimming trunks in his basement? I guess babysitters on Wisteria Lane can be kinda sketchy.
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