Friday, April 27, 2007

“Hot” Mommy Bloggers

When I saw the e-mail’s subject heading, “You are one hot mommy blogger!” I almost deleted the e-mail, as it sounded like any one of countless pieces of spam that promises to enlarge parts of the body that I don’t possess. But, on a whim, I opened it.

And then guffawed.



Someone has nominated me for a Blogger’s Choice Award. In the “Hottest Mommy Blogger” category . . . along with about 47,000 other mothers who blog.

This is not the type of nomination I had in mind when I enrolled in Journalism school lo so many years ago.

But hey, it’s nice that someone I don’t even know thought to nominate me for something other than for the Nitwit Parent of the Year Award. (And no, it wasn’t The Spouse who submitted the nomination, though I’ll encourage him to vote.)

Wanna cast a vote in this “hot” blogger silliness? Go here.

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