Friday, April 27, 2007

Four for Friday

I missed “Three for Thursday.” So I added one more item and made it “Four for Friday.” My brilliance amazes me sometimes . . . or maybe it’s just that three cups of coffee, one latte and two glasses of Diet Pepsi are messin’ with my judgment.

Item #1: Nurse-Out at iParty (Like a Peace-Out, Only With Lactation)

Nursing moms and the folks at a Massachusetts branch of iParty have reached an armistice of sorts. Lactivists were planning on staging a nurse-in at the South Weymouth, Massachusetts iParty after a mother was recently harassed for discreetly breastfeeding her 2-month-old while sitting in an aisle. But the iParty people were so publicly supportive of breastfeeding, that the lactivists are now planning a “nurse-out” to celebrate the fact that iParty now embraces nursing.

Meanwhile, Boston Herald columnist Margery Eagan said that she’s had enough of moms being harangued for breastfeeding in public.

Item #2: Will Farrell Encouraging a Toddler’s Potty Mouth

This Will Ferrell video (go here for the video), featuring a toddler spewing swear words and toting a bottle of beer, is funnier than it should be. (Warning, don’t play at work . . . or with kids around.) At first, I was appalled, but by the end, I was sending the links to my friends. One question that nagged at me though: Do you think a female comedian could’ve gotten away with this without being called a bad mother? (Thanks DadCentric for the link!)

Item #3: The Glee Club

My brother and mother now have more reasons to throw overripe tomatoes at my head at the next family gathering. I’ve got a new column in the May issue of Parents and Kids that addresses how sickly happy I became when my brother became plagued with the same insane kid-related problems with which I’ve coped for nearly nine years. Oh, and that I’m probably going to hell for my glee.

Item #4: The Pregnancy Storyline on “Lost” Creeps Me Out

Any “Lost” fans in the house? I don’t know about you guys, but the new storyline on “Lost” — that women who get pregnant while on the mysterious island all die — troubles me. And I can’t quite put my finger on the exact reason why it bothers me. It just does, particularly because there’s now a fertility expert among our beloved castaways who’s almost certainly up to no good.

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