Monday, April 2, 2007

NOW, It’s Spring, Where Hope Is Eternal . . . At Least Among Members of Red Sox Nation

This afternoon.

It begins.

The next epic chase for the American League championship. And, of course, for another World Series trophy, though, let’s be brutally honest, nothing could or would ever top the unbelievable trip known as 2004.

In honor of Opening Day, my 8-year-old Red Sox/Yankee fan ( I know! ) went to school today looking like a mixed metaphor: Wearing his old red Red Sox jersey with Johnny Damon’s name on the back, along with his navy Yankee hat. (I had my fingers crossed when he boarded the bus that he wouldn’t be tormented at school.)

I’m still workin’ on him. Subtly. Trying to show him how much more historic, epic and compelling the Sox are as compared to the Yankees, whose fan club he joined when his favorite player (Damon) defected to the Evil Empire to the south.

But somehow I think it’s a losing battle.

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