Thursday, March 29, 2007

Three for Thursday

Parent teacher conferences. Work research. Deadlines. Taxes. No groceries in the house. Dust bunnies big enough to house small families. Gah!! I’m on the very edge today. But, never fear. I’ve still got my “Three for Thursday:”

Item #1: Heaven, Not Harvard (Or Maybe Both. But Heaven Comes First)

Betsy Hart, syndicated columnist and author of “It Takes a Parent,” wrote a positive essay with her thoughts on how she tries to be a good parent. “I like to say that my goal for my children is Heaven, not Harvard,” she wrote. “Now if my kids go to Harvard on the way to Heaven, that’s fine. But if I so focus on Harvard and success in this world that they miss Heaven, I will have failed them.”

Item #2: Nomar & Mia Are Parents. Squared.

Former Boston Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra and superstar soccer player Mia Hamm are now the proud parents of twin girls, according to media reports.

No word on whether they’ve been outfitted for cleats and shin guards yet.

Item #3: ‘High School Musical’ Here We Come

What’s that phrase? “You reap what you sew?” Maybe it is or isn’t appropriate in this instance . . . but, Lord help me, I bought tickets for my family of five to go to see a live performance of the uber-popular (among tweens) Disney TV movie “High School Musical” this summer at a Boston area theater. Abbey, 8, giggled as she levitated with glee when I told her I’d purchased the tickets. (If I’m sick of the “High School Musical” CD now, I can only imagine how I’ll feel come July when we finally go see it.)

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