Tuesday, March 27, 2007

'Three Martini Playdate' Author Does It Again

One of my favorite, irreverent writers – who basically tells overachieving parents to get over themselves and gives adults permission to be adults and not kid-centric 24/7 – has a new book coming out and I’m all atwitter.

“Three Martini Playdate” author Christie Mellor — who has written the soon-to-be-released “Three Martini Family Vacation” — penned a very funny piece for Mommy Track’d (Full disclosure: I write for them too) about how some misguided parents go overboard when planning gala Easter egg hunts and gigantic Easter baskets.

A crowd pleasing excerpt:

“Ye Quaint Easter Egg Hunt has now become a giant hunt-a-palooza. Mommies and Daddies have huge Easter extravaganzas, with bouncy houses and catered food. Swarms of children hunt for hundreds of plastic eggs, which are filled with not only jellybeans but cash; generous presents are handed out to the children who have knocked the most children aside in order to procure the most amount of plastic eggs. It’s no longer just a few chocolate Easter eggs melting in the bushes; it’s a crisp twenty, a Nintendo, a giant water pistol and a massive basket filled with candy.”

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