Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Gilmore Farewell

I officially declare today Goodbye to the Gilmore Girls Day.

In honor of strong female characters with wit and wisdom, I’m tossing out all nutritional recommendations, bedtimes and parental dictates and will let my three kids watch the series finale of the “Gilmore Girls” at 8 p.m. We’ll dine on Chinese take-out with chopsticks (or at least I’ll use the chopsticks, the kids will just stab the “Chinese chicken fingers” with the chopsticks), have oodles of candy and they’ll stay up ‘til 9. And, it’s very likely that I’ll cry, particularly while looking at the yellow daisies I’m planning to get (a nod to the last episode of season one).

Bad, bad mommy am I.

Want to prepare for tonight’s sniff-fest? Here are a bunch of links about the sad conclusion to new installments of the independent gals with an affinity for quoting Dorothy Parker and playing Bjork (Courtesy of the TV Tattle folks):

Well, I’m off to buy daisies and tissues.

(CW image.)

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