Monday, May 21, 2007

Parent Sues Little League, Coach for Failing to Teach Kid How to Slide

Here’s the scoop on this absurd story from the New York Post:

“. . . Jean Gonzalez is suing a beloved veteran coach for not teaching her
son Martin how to slide properly, according to a lawsuit filed on May 4.

The litigation stems from an ill-fated play exactly three years earlier,
when Martin, then 12, whacked his first hit of the season and was told to go for
second by his first-base coach.

When he slid into second base, he suffered ‘serious bodily injury’ that
required multiple surgeries and caused ‘permanent scarring and disability,’
according to the suit filed in Staten Island Supreme Court. The suit did not
specify the dollar amount of damages.

Martin’s coach, Leigh Bernstein, the New Springville Little League, and
its international umbrella organization, Little League Baseball and Softball
Inc., are all named as defendants in the suit, which charges them with never
teaching him ‘skills needed to avoid and/or minimize the risks of injury,’
specifically how to run bases and slide.”

Because, of course, little leagues across America are flush with cash and can sustain such frivolous lawsuits.

Because, this’ll do wonders for boosting the ranks of parent volunteers to teach children America’s pastime.

Good grief.

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