Thursday, May 31, 2007

Three for Thursday

Item #1: Decapitation, Squared

I have this Willow Tree statue (see it above). I purchased one well before Willow Tree figurines became as ubiquitous as neon-colored Crocs in gift shops. It’s called “Tenderness.” When I first saw it lo so many years ago when my eldest son Jonah was a toddler, I was moved, it reminded me of us, and I bought it . . . which was unusual for me because I normally don’t go for knick-knack/statue types of things.
Within a year of getting the figurine and placing it on the fireplace mantel, Jonah accidentally knocked it off with a ball, resulting in the decapitation of the mother’s head. At the time, I raised one of my eyebrows and mused about whether this was some sort of sign, of what, I wasn’t sure.

Because I loved the statue so, I replaced it. And put it on the mantel. Then, a couple weeks ago, while preparing for the end-of-the-“Gilmore-Girls” party that I had with the kids, I accidentally knocked the new figurine to the ground. This time, the heads of both the mother and the son were decapitated. The headless figurine has been sitting on my office desk since the incident. I’ve been mulling whether I should buy this figurine for a third time and whether the dual decapitation means anything, in a karmic kinda way.

Item #2: Brooke Shields and Her ‘Pimp Hand’

A few weeks ago, it was Will Farrell and the potty-mouthed, alcoholic toddler in a hilarious (and not-appropriate-for-the-office video) where the toddler chews out Farrell for not paying the rent on time. Now it’s mom of two Brooke Shields' turn to weave a brief comic tale, this time, as an insane playground mom who likes to holler, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself” at her daughter, and who has a propensity to refer to pimps. Click here to see a short Shields video that’s not only funny, but similarly inappropriate for the office (or for pediatric ears).

Take a man (a movie mogul) and a woman (not a movie mogul). Have them marry and live in LA. Have them procreate. Then have the man tell the woman – whose role in the family is as a movie mogul’s wife and at-home mother to the child – that he’s leaving her. Oh, and have him tell her via cell phone. Watch as the woman flounders, is socially shunned and then stands strong.

Sure, sounds a bit like bad Lifetime TV. But “The Starter Wife,” a six-hour miniseries on USA Network that starts tonight, stars Debra Messing. And I like her, so I’ll be setting up the DVR and watching this on nights when there is no Red Sox game on TV.

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Jenny said...

I really wanna see that show. But I don't have cable. :(