Thursday, July 26, 2007

If Hogwarts Was Accepting Applications . . .

. . . would you submit an application for your kid?

To forge ahead with the Harry Potter mania, the folks at iVillage have put together a package entitled, “Would You Send Your Kid to Hogwarts?” They asked parenting “experts” and regular parents – in a tongue-in-cheek fashion – if they’d consider enrolling their kids at the Hogwarts school for wizards, as though it were the equivalent of a tennis camp, only with a dark side, as well as if they’d assess the school based on whether it had an anti-bullying policy.

My favorite response was from Sherry Davey (aka “Funny Mom”) who said:

“The whole boarding school thing would make our struggle for child care obsolete. However, Hogwarts Castle does seem very damp and dusty, which is not good for allergies and asthma. That puts my child and many others out of the running. Why don’t they just magically install dehumidifiers?”

(Image from iVillage.)

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