Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Appeals Court Judge: Breastfeeding Mom Med Student CAN Have Breaks During Exam

Finally, a voice of reason, untainted by irrational Neanderthal attitudes.

A Massachusetts Appeals Court judge today reversed the lousy, anti-working mom ruling a lower court issued last week regarding medical student Sophie Currier’s request to have extra time during her medical license exam to express her breastmilk.

According to an Associated Press news brief, “Appeals Court Judge Gary Katzmann overturned that [earlier] ruling, finding that Currier needs the extra break time to put her on ‘equal footing’ with the men and non-lactating women who take the exam.”

The National Board of Medical Examiners initially refused to afford Currier additional breaks during her nine-hour medical license exam to express her breastmilk by saying that lactating doesn’t qualify as a disability and therefore they didn’t need to give her extra time. A judge last week said Currier could instead just wait until she had finished with all that messy breastfeeding business before she tries to take the exam again.

Thanks to Judge Katzmann, Currier won’t have to choose, her baby’s breastmilk or her own career.

(Image from the Associated Press.)

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gabe said...

Shame on her for using the system in this way. Hundreds of nursing mothers takes exams every year. They manage to store milk ahead of time so they do not have to actually breast feed that day and then use break time if they need to express. She is a whiner beyond belief. I have breast feed 2 children through school, work, ballgames, trips etc. She is full of it. And it amazes me as the mother of an ADD child the accommodations she has received at school. Her disability is SO amazing and more difficult then anyone else's it astounds me! I hope MY child is accomodated when he heads to college in a year to the extant she has been.

She should be a lawyer not a doctor she is so good at using the system in way no one else has ever thought of. But wait, I married a lawyer and he is not a whiner so that is an insult to him. She has a good deal going and is going to milk it to the end so to speak. But shame shame shame.

And pity the company that hires her because how can she POSSIBLY do research or work if she cannot concentrate, cannot read, cannot organize, needs extra time, cannot remember things, has babies to breast feed etc. She has given out interviews everywhere about her ADHD and other disabilities and I don't know how she even gets through the day! Good luck with that.