Monday, September 10, 2007

More Reasons to Name Me 'Mother of the Year'

Reason #1: When my first grader Casey came home from school on Friday, he told me he had to bum $2 from his teacher to pay for lunch because he said I’d forgotten to put his lunch money in his Red Sox backpack.

But both The Spouse and I distinctly remember putting those two dollars on the kitchen table, next to our little guy’s snack and water bottle. Mysteriously, the money never made it all the way into the backpack. (I suspect foul play via the pilfering hands of an older sibling -- as I never found the bills kicking around the kitchen -- but I have no evidence to back up my contention.)

Reason #2: A day later, while Casey was playing in the playroom with his siblings and the neighbors’ kids, he accidentally got kicked in the face by his sister as she was reenacting a move from the movie “High School Musical 2” (that’s the story they’re telling anyway). The Spouse and I had been chatting in the kitchen with our neighbors when Casey burst into the room with a rapidly growing bump under his right eye.

By this morning, the bump had deflated for the most part. But what it lacked in puffiness it made up for with a deepening, darkening bruise. So when Casey repays his teacher the $2 his idiot parents "forgot" to give him, he is going to do so looking as though he was in a bar brawl over the weekend, which is certain make a great impression on the teacher I have yet to meet. I’ll bet Open House will be . . . interesting.

Reason #3: Oh, to insult to injury, tomorrow is school picture day. Can you say, “Concealer?”

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