Friday, November 30, 2007

Leave Santa’s Jelly Belly Alone

Enough with the madness.

Seriously people, do you not have anything better to do than to take on Santa's waistline?

I stumbled upon this inane story that not only called for all Santa Clauses to lose weight but urged parents to have their kids leave Saint Nick -- get this -- celery instead of cookies on Christmas Eve. (Nothin' says homemade goodness like a celery stalk and wheat germ.)

Here are a couple of excerpts from the Boston Herald story:

-- “’It is really important that the people who kids look up to as role models are in good shape, eating well and getting exercise. It is absolutely critical,’ acting U.S. Surgeon General Rear Adm. Steven K. Galson said in an interview after a presentation on obesity at the Boston Children’s Museum. Touting NFL players who work with kids to promote healthy lifestyles, Galson added: ‘Santa is no different.’”

-- “’I thoroughly agree he [Santa] should lose weight and we should find ways to make healthy foods more palatable to children,’ said Dr. Meredith Harris, associate professor at Northeastern University. ‘Role models should be seen to be looking fit and living healthily.’”

-- “’While childhood obesity is a serious problem, we think Santa is fine just the way he is,’ said Donna Rheaume, spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
But she added: ‘We would recommend people leave him healthier snacks this year like a nice apple or carrot and celery sticks, which have an added benefit because they are tasty for his reindeer, too.’”

If your kid is looking to Santa for healthy living tips, then you’ve got bigger problems than your kid’s potential pot belly. Leave Santa and his cookies alone.

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Jen said...

Oh brother. I keep trying to get my sons to leave Santa beer and nachos, but they'll have nothing of it. But I keep trying...