Monday, January 14, 2008

Golden Globe Press Conference: Blah

I’m a sucker for the Golden Globes Awards show. Sure, the Oscar ceremony is fun to watch, but, given that I watch way more TV programs than films, I have more of a rooting interest in which TV programs win Golden Globes (and Emmys) since I’ve actually seen some of those shows. (What percentage of the public do you think actually sees all five of the Oscar’s Best Picture nominees?)

So when it was announced that the Golden Globe Awards ceremony would be cancelled due to the writers’ strike, I was disappointed. I wanted to celebrity-watch and root for some of my favorites, like AMC’s “Mad Men,", Patricia Arquette from “Medium” (very unsung) and ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” (I adore Chandra Wilson who plays Miranda Bailey).

Alas. All viewers got were celebrity “news” people (I use the word “news” lightly) standing behind podiums. High school graduation ceremonies are more exciting to watch.

But, when the names of the award winners were announced, several parent-family-themed programs and films wound up being shut out, compounding my frustration. Thought to be a shoe-in for at least one honor, the indie film “Juno” -- about a smart, scared pregnant teen who gives up her baby for adoption to an infertile couple where Jennifer Garner plays the mom -- received no awards, much to my chagrin. (My column about the exquisite portraits of the mothers in “Juno” can be found on the Huffington Post.) And, there was no Golden love for “Grey’s” or for Arquette.

However, one of my favorite TV shows, the fantastic “Mad Men” from AMC, won for best TV drama and best lead actor in a TV drama for Jon Hamm, who plays circa-1960 philandering advertising executive Don Draper who’s haunted by his troubled past. While I’ve shared my love for this program on a number of occasions – including in this piece and in this one – it was great to see this show get some props. I maintain that “Mad Men” provides some valuable insight into the personal politics of the home front. By looking back at the women of 1960 – from the at-home moms who feel trapped, to the divorced working mom who’s ostracized by the other at-home married moms as a threat (she also *gasp* had birth control pills in her bathroom) – one can see how things have changed in the ensuing 48 years. And how they haven’t.

For any who want to share my obsession with this period drama, AMC is re-running the first season starting January 21 . . . at midnight. Set your TiVos/DVRs.

(Image from AMC.)

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