Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Missing Accessories

“Just put this one on and stick your other hand in your pocket.”

This is what I, a shining specimen of motherhood, told the Youngest Son this morning, mere minutes before the school bus arrived, when he couldn’t find his mittens (again!) and I could only locate a single, random mitten in our garage.

Why do I bother to allocate each kid a long shelf in the garage, provide each with baskets for accessories like hats and mittens, and try to instill in them a sense of routine (you come home, you empty your backpack, you put your belongings on your shelf in the garage, paperwork on the counter, etc.) when they’re always losing stuff?

Still among the missing: The Girl’s Harry Potter-style winter hat (see image to the left) which I last saw on her head as she boarded the school bus last week.

(Image from this web site.)

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