Thursday, January 24, 2008

Three for Thursday: ‘Friday Night Lights,’ Work-Life Choices, Two Parents Working from Home

Item #1: ‘Friday Night Lights’

Everyone’s complaining about the writers’ strike and how – with the exception of a handful of shows that are premiering mid-season, namely “Lost,” – the majority of television programming is now relegated to reality programming and repeats.

But there are still a few original episodes of NBC’s drama “Friday Night Lights” left to air. And I’m heartily encouraging you to watch them. I enthusiastically muse about why I’m "Friday Night Lights" fan in this piece on Mommy Track’d. You can catch up on episodes at the NBC web site where they’re streaming the program for free.

Item #2: Work-Life Choices

The Washington Post’s parenting blogger Leslie Morgan Steiner posted an interesting piece this week about the surprising turns her career has taken since she became a mom. She writes:

“Looking back at myself and everyone I know who has children, I am still surprised at how plunging headfirst into parenthood changes us, our work goals, and what we want in life. And although my experience with parenthood has been mundane (no health crises, no divorces, no major physical disabilities -- the mental ones are another story) what I've seen is that personal earthquakes wreak even larger, more profound changes in life goals.”

Item #3: Both Parents Working From Home

Speaking of work-life choices . . . Working from home has its benefits and its drawbacks. And being a work-from-home parent also has its unique challenges. But what happens when you have not one, but two parents working from home? The Chicago Tribune ran a profile of a couple – who have two kids, ages 10 and 11 -- and who work from home. The husband and wife team both have separate offices on the main floor of their house and make jokes about having casual Fridays and office mixers. Do you think this kind of arrangement could ever work for you and your spouse?

(Image from NBC.)

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