Wednesday, February 6, 2008

An Entirely Different Kind of Candidate

One day removed from Super-Duper Tuesday, I came across this post from Universal Hub which reminded me of one of my absolute favorite children’s books, “Duck for President," which contains wonderful lessons for kids.

Replete with historical references which make grown-ups reading the book chuckle (Duck strikes JFK-esque and Nixonian iconic poses, quotes FDR and Lincoln, and plays the saxophone on a late night comedy show like a former president who shall remain nameless), the book follows a duck who lives on a farm and decides he doesn’t think that this dude, Farmer Brown, should remain in charge. In his own quest for Change (with a capital “C”), Duck organizes an election on the farm and makes sure to help all the farm animals register to vote.

Once Duck wins the farm election, he quickly becomes bored with the job. So he decides to run for governor, wins, becomes bored, runs for president, wins, becomes bored by that gig and then winds up at the farm again . . . to write his memoirs.


(Image from Scholastic.)

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