Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Take on the Miley Thing

My daughter adores Miley Cyrus. Has Hannah Montana pictures on her bedroom wall, T-shirts in her dresser drawer, TV show on the DVR and CDs playing constantly. Together, the two of us went to see the 3-D movie -- about her concert tour -- earlier this year.

So it was with a heavy heart that I informed her yesterday morning, before she could hear through the rumor mill, about what happened with her idol and that now-infamous Vanity Fair photo session. Boiled down to its essence I told her: The adults behaved irresponsibly and should've protected a minor from taking such provocative photos at the age of 15.

For my full response, check out this post on the, oh-so-cleverly-named Picket Fence Post where I wrote an open letter to the folks at Vanity Fair.

What do you all think of this controversy?

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Scott Mayes said...

It's a tough spot for Miley to be in because it's going to be tough for her to "grow up" on camera and start acting like a teenager. That being said, Disney pays her millions and she knows what she signed up for, so if she wants the paycheck she's gotta fit the role.