Monday, May 19, 2008

It's the Apocalypse: Bikini Wax at 9

I wasn't exaggerating when I wrote a short while ago that so-called reasonable mothers have been taking their 9- and 10-year-old daughters to posh salons all over the fruited plain for microdermabrasion treatment and facials, as well as eyebrow and BIKINI waxes, arguing that they need to get their grade school aged daughters "used" to regular hygiene regimens.

For those who live by the adage of "seeing is believing," feast your eyes on this recent Good Morning America segment about this phenomenon, interviewing little girls and their mothers about this god-awful practice. To watch the video, click here. (It's sparking quite the debate on the ABC News bulletin board.)

Hopefully, sanity will triumph and little girls will go back to the sweet charms of sticky Bonnie Bell lipsmackers and a little bright pink toenail polish applied by an amateur.

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MetropolisMom said...

woah! I never thought that at young age not even on their teens, they will be exposed to such vanity. Though, it is true that as moms, we have a responsibility to teach our kids especially our daughters about female hygiene regimen, but I guess eyebrow, Bikini waxes, microdermabrasion treatment and facials are not yet on my list if my toddler Chesca would turn 10. :-)

Though I am very open to such vanities, but I guess exposing my Chesca on those types of vanities should be on her 18th birthday. :-)