Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obama Kids: Dad Doesn't Like Sweets

The Obama children, along with their parents Michelle and Barack, gave an interview to, of all places, Access Hollywood. (You can see one part of the four-part interview here.)

During the July 4 interview, which also coincided with Malia's 10th birthday, the whole family sat down to discuss how the girls keep their dad down-to-earth and somewhat "cool," as "cool" as any parent can realistically be.

For example, Malia said she's had to tell her dad not to shake hands with her friends because, well, shaking hands with kids just isn't done.

Seven-year-old Sasha -- who at one point held up both her hands next to her face, opening and shutting them to mimic what she thinks when Dad talks -- asked her mom in the middle of the interview whether and when they'd be able to have ice cream. (Reminded me a bit of Rudy Giuliani's kid during his first mayoral inaugural.) Pointing at her father, Sasha announced that her dad doesn't like sweets and isn't a big fan of ice cream.

In this video excerpt, Malia said she was surprised to find her mother's fashion sense discussed in the pages of People Magazine because she joked that People is the place where you can read about "really important people" like Angelina Jolie.

As far as big reveals go, the Obamas are lucky. I shudder to think what my kids would reveal about me if they were put in front of a national TV audience and knew that I couldn't really shut them up without looking like a control freak.

Image credit: Access Hollywood via the Drudge Report.

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