Friday, July 25, 2008

The Pesky Loose Tooth: It's Out Bay-BEE!

Finally, after well over a month of angst and parental cajoling, The Youngest Boy's loose front tooth finally broke free of its tenuous hold in the 7-year-old's gums.

This has been a long-running saga, involving whining, eating out of the side of one's mouth and me trying to coax the kid into letting me pull it out lest the tooth fall out on its own and get lost when the kid's asleep (or worse yet have the kid accidentally swallow it).

Nevertheless, the stubborn tooth flew out of the kid's mouth while he was eating some frozen mini M&Ms. Ten minutes later, after all three kids plus yours truly were scouring the kitchen floor on our hands and knees for a chocolate-covered baby tooth, I finally found it.

Now all is well and the Tooth Fairy will have a tooth to take when she visits tonight . . . provided Mom and Dad remind her to make her appearance. (She has a spotty track record in this house.)

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