Monday, September 22, 2008

A Toast to 'Mad Men:' Top o' the Heap

Okay, so my Emmy picks -- rather, the folks and shows whom I wanted to win -- sadly, didn't, for the most part . . . with the exception of the Divine Ms Fey.

However the big winner last night for the best dramatic series was Mad Men. I couldn't be more pleased, even though Jon Hamm didn't take home a trophy for best actor in a drama. This show just sings. In all the right ways.

I used the most recent Mad Men episode as a launching off point for my weekly Pop Culture and Politics column on the mixed messages the media and pop culture sent about working women during the past 10 days: On Mad Men (the Joan and Peggy stories), on Saturday Night Live (the Palin-Clinton skit) and on this week's premiere of Lipstick Jungle (Brooke Shields' mother giving her guff for scaling back her work hours so she can have more time for her daughter).

A new episode is slated for next Sunday, thus, Mad Men Monday will return in this spot in just a week.

Image credit: AMC.

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