Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall TV, Plus Emmys and NBC Premiering 'Lipstick Jungle' Online

House has already premiered its new episode. The new J.J. Abrams show Fringe has begun creeping out audiences nationwide. But in the coming days, many more TV shows will premiere including Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Heroes and The New Adventures of Old Christine. I preview some of the shows that feature moms -- including 30 Rock which will (*spoiler alert*) reportedly have an adoption storyline this season-- over at my Mommy Track'd in this week's Pop Culture & Politics column.

If you just can't wait until the official premiere dates for some NBC shows, you can go directly to the network's web site and view a handful of complete episodes for free before they air. I've already watched the season premiere of Lipstick Jungle (highly recommend it for mind fluff to stop you from obsessing about Wall Street woes). Kim Raver's storyline was well done.

Oh, and don't forget, the Emmys are coming on Sunday night. Mad Men will be a repeat, thus no Mad Men Monday installment here at Notes from the Asylum. Speaking of the Emmys, who am I rooting for to take home awards (versus who I think will actually win, which is a distinctly different animal):

Best Drama: Is there really any question here? I've got my Mad Men pom-pons out. My second favorite: Lost.

Best Comedy: This is a toughie. I love Steve Carell and Tina Fey equally, but I'll go with The Office for comedy and root for Fey to take the comedic actress statute.

Best Actor in a Drama: I so want Jon Hamm to win this for his heroic portrayal of a 1960s haunted man who seemed to have everything (remember, this is an award for season one, before he became the dark shadow known as Don Draper). However I wouldn't be upset if Hugh Laurie walked away with it for House . . . though he's already won this award previously, so spreading the Emmy goodness would be kind of nice.
UPDATE: I just noticed that Hugh Laurie has NOT received an Emmy, having been nominated twice. He's won Golden Globe awards and a Screen Actors Guild award, but not the Emmy. My bad.

Best Actress in a Drama: Holly Hunter in Saving Grace. Savagely good.

Best Actress in a Comedy: The divine Ms. Fey.

Best Actor in a Comedy: Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock.

Best Supporting Actress in Drama: Chandra Wilson, Grey's.

Best Supporting Actor in Drama: Ben, the evil, twisted Benjamin Linus from Lost should prevail Sunday evening, in the persona of actor Michael Emerson. Benjamin Linus is a true television enigma.

Best Supporting Actress in Comedy: Poeh-ler. Poeh-ler. Poeh-ler.

Best Supporting Actor in Comedy: Rainn Wilson, of The Office. Dwight's deadpan shtick. Gets me every time.

Who do you want to win? List your Emmy hopefuls below.

Image credit: NBC.

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