Monday, October 20, 2008

High Praise from Yahoo/Shine's 'Crazed Parent'

When I attended BlogHER-Boston recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a number of bloggers. Talked with them, face-to-face, which was a novelty for me considering that, as a work-from-home writer, most of the contacts I have with blogging folk is virtual.

One of the women with whom I met was Charlene Prince Birkeland, the parenting editor at Shine -- a women's Yahoo channel -- and parenting blogger who writes under the name Crazed Parent. At the conference, she gave an effective talk which provided bloggers valuable tips on how to boost traffic (many of her tips were implemented on this very site . . . check out the changes to the sidebar . . . my fingers are crossed on the boosting traffic part) which received good buzz. Charlene and I have crossed virtual paths on a number of occasions; we both wrote for AOL and DotMoms. But we hadn't met one another until BlogHER.

Nonetheless, it was a wonderful surprise to read today that she named this very blog, Suburban Mom, as one of the "four parenting blogs you should be reading." She also lavished praise upon yours truly calling me "smart and sassy (and also super nice)." (*blushing . . . demurely of course*)

'Twas very uplifting to read, particularly in the wake of last night's unspeakably tragic Red Sox loss (*pausing to weep into my latest caffeinated beverage, the 47th of the day following late night baseball*). Thanks for the boost Charlene.


Kris said...

Congratulations, Meredith!

Anonymous said...

Thats really cool. Congratulations.

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