Wednesday, October 22, 2008

'Mad Men' News: Third Season, SNL & Season Two Finale

I'm already in premature mourning over the fact that there will be no more fresh Mad Men episodes after Sunday night's season two finale. We'll have to wait until next SUMMER. That seems like an eternity. How will I possibly stand it? A 13-episode season is not nearly enough Don Draper.

But at least there WILL be a third season, or so says AMC. AMC execs this week ordered a third season of the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning Mad Men (if they didn't I would've demanded that they have their heads examined). However contracts have not yet been signed for show creator Matt Weiner and star Jon Hamm. Hello? There is no show without those guys.

In anticipation of Sunday's season two finale, the Boston Globe ran a piece today about what early-60s type food one reporter served at her recent Mad Men-inspired party. None of it, save the steaks and the drinks, sounded appetizing. I've been invited to a Mad Men/60s party next week and I'm still trying to decide which character to emulate. Wonder what the hosts will serve for food. Pigs in a blanket? Cream cheese filled celery stalks? Old fashioneds?

But before we get to the party, we'll be able to get psyched up for finale by watching Jon Hamm host Saturday Night Live this weekend. Hosting this show -- which runs either very hot or very cold -- is such a high-wire act. Not everyone can pull off sketch comedy successfully. On Mad Men, Hamm plays the smoldering, hard-to-read, uber-serious Don Draper. How will that translate on SNL? Hopefully well. I'll have my fingers crossed that it doesn't go badly.

Image credit: AMC.

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