Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Suburban Mom's Political Fix: More on Palin Clothes, EW on TV Presidents and Funny Video

I blogged in this space last week about how I didn't think it was fair play to attack GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin for the $150,000 of designer clothing that the Republican National Committee purchased on her behalf. In this week's Pop Culture and Politics column at Mommy Track'd I expounded on the issue saying that women politicians are in a no-win situation when it comes to how they're viewed fashion-wise, as the scrutiny they face about their appearance is much harsher than that of the male pols.

Meanwhile, in this week's Entertainment Weekly, the writers did what they do best: View the presidential election through the lens of TV. EW's Kate Ward examined TV presidents by how old or young they were (youngest, Patty Duke, 38, from Hail to the Chief; oldest, Martin Sheen, 59, from The West Wing). She also looked at the fictional presidents' screen time. Sheen logged the most time on TV with 154 hours of portraying President Jed Bartlet, and Duke had the least with only 210 minutes.

And with the election less than a week away, my gal pal Gayle e-mailed me a video, which she personalized for me, that looks like a cable news network segment which blamed me for failing to vote for Obama, thereby sealing a McCain victory. As I watched the video, I couldn't stop thinking about how shrewd a move it was for whichever Obama supporter created it, because it's spreading so virally. I also received it from a colleague of my husband's. (Link to the video here.) Will it prompt anyone to vote? Who knows? But it's very savvy.

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Walking In My Sleep said...

Way too funny! If this doesn't get the vote out, nothing will.