Friday, November 14, 2008

'Grey's' Channeling 'Ghost?'

Way back in 1990, Ghost was a very popular film. Starring a pixie-cut sporting Demi Moore, the movie was a supernatural love story about Demi's boyfriend (Patrick Swayze) who was killed in what appeared to be a robbery gone wrong. Only Demi's dead boyfriend/fiance didn't leave earth right away. He could still see her and walk around the apartment they once shared, although he could only communicate to living people through a medium, who happened to be played by Whoopi Goldberg.

In one creepy yet touching scene, Whoopi's character allowed Patrick's ghost to use her body so he and Demi could feel one another's embrace. It was only at the end of the film, when Patrick was about ready to ascend to heaven after he'd saved his lover from danger, that Demi was able to see him with her own eyes and say a tearful, "Goodbye." (Still chokes me up, even though it was a ridiculous premise.)

Why am I bringing this up? Because Ghost was all that was on my mind while I was watching the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy where Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) continued not only to see and talk to the ghost of her dead fiance Denny Duquette, but could touch and embrace him. The whole Denny story was resurrected (pun intended) after Izzie met the man who was supposed to get the donor heart that Izzie "stole" for Denny two seasons ago. Ever since then, she's been seeing Denny everywhere, even after she said her goodbyes to him and had current boyfriend Alex Karev burn Denny's favorite sweater.

So either Grey's is going all supernatural (ghost sex anyone?) or Izzie is going to be the second consecutive girlfriend of Alex's who is in need of psychiatric services.
By the way . . . loved, LOVED the Big Grey, Little Grey, Little Sloan, excuse me Big Sloan bit. Cracked me up.

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