Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bye-Bye Lipstick Jungle

I suppose we should've known Lipstick Jungle's days were numbered when NBC moved the soapsy drama from Wednesday to Friday nights. And this week, it became official.

And, I'm sad to say, I think I'm gonna miss it. After all, what other shows out there feature fortysomething women who run businesses and to whom people must cater? The last show with that kind of plotline, Cashmere Mafia, didn't make it a second season, getting the axe after its truncated first season.

So when the Brooke Shields/Kim Raver Jungle made it to season two, I was looking forward to see the storylines unfold, particularly for Brooke Shields' character, a married mom of two who tried balancing running a movie studio with being an involved parent. In more recent episodes, Shields' character was fired from the studio and decided to start her own, one-woman production company.
I was also looking forward to Kim Raver's story. Her character was a magazine editor who was a new widow, following the death of her philandering husband on whom she also cheated with a twentysomething hottie who previously sued her for sexual harassment.

While I wasn't a Jungle fan at first, it slowly grew on me. And now it's gone. Great, what'll NBC fill its space with, more mindless reality programming which I refuse to watch because I feel as though I lose brain cells with every passing minute that it's on my TV?

Image credit: NBC.

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