Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Suburban Mom's Political Fix: Palin Denies Being Clothes Hog, Diva

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin shot back at the unnamed McCain campaign staffers who've been painting an unflatteringly horrific portrait of her in leaked stories to the media, by telling Matt Lauer that she never saw $150,000 worth of clothes, didn't set foot in Neiman Marcus or Saks, that she and McCain are on friendly terms and that she's no diva.

Lauer's Today Show interview is being aired in two parts. Tomorrow's installment promises to look at the personal costs of the campaign and include Palin's response to the media coverage her family received.

Below is the portion of the interview where Palin talked about the election results, her relationship with McCain and the infamous clothing issue. (Link is here.)

Here's a video of the portion of the interview Lauer conducted in the Palin kitchen, as Sarah Palin prepared food and Todd Palin held baby Trig. This clip includes Lauer asking 7-year-old Piper what she thought of the campaign. (Link is here.)

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