Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lipstick: This Year's Rallying Cry

First there was Sarah Palin's difference-between-a-hockey-mom-and-pitbull joke at the Republican convention. (The difference being lipstick, don't you know.)

Then there was Barack Obama's lipstick on a pig kerfuffle. (Some alleged he was referring to Palin.)

Now supporters of NBC's embattled Brooke Shields dramedy Lipstick Jungle -- which may or may not have gotten a reprieve from cancellation -- are sending tubes of lipstick to NBC execs pleading with them to keep their favorite program on the air, reports The Daily Beast:

"According to Lipstick star Brooke Shields, who spoke to The Daily Beast from the set yesterday, the NBC mailroom now looks like the beauty aisle of a supermarket. 'NBC is now flooded with lipstick,' she says. 'Women are in uproar over this . . . they’ve tried to kill us before and we have refused to die. If we were meant to be off the air, we wouldn’t have made it as far as we have. Everything that could possibly go wrong with a show has happened with us.'"

Lipstick Jungle writer Ilene Rosenzweig, who writes the show's blog, told The Daily Beast why her show should be saved:

"There are no other female-driven dramas on television, and if this one goes, it will have been the last. But women are so sick of reality TV and want to have a place where they can turn for escapism and frivolity, but also to confront the real struggles that powerful women face in the workplace and at home."

Lipstick, anyone?

Image credit: NBC.

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